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Yes. Sogeking is a masked disguise that Usopp used, so he could support the Strawhat pirates even though he had left them. Only Luffy was fooled though of course.

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Q: Is Usopp SogeKing One Piece
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Who is Sogeking One piece?

He is Usopp. He used the mask and the name because that time he and Luffy had a conflict.

Which one piece manga chapter does Sogeking first appear?

Chapter 367

Who are the pirates on one piece?

The main pirates are the strawhat pirates which consist of 9 members Captian:Monkey D Luffy Crew:Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook.

What does usopp do?

If you are refering to the One Piece anime character, he is the sniper and fourth member to join the strawhat pirates, ~he also paints flags and shoots cannon balls well. that's all he does (:

What episoes usopp retrun?

Usopp returning from? If you mean the timeskip, it's around episode 517.

In one piece does chopper die?

No. It may seem as though he dies in the part in which the Straw Hats and the Shandorians (pardon me if the spelling is wrong) and fighting Enel (Eneru) but he soon recovers. So, you see, he doesn't die.

Is Usopp in One Piece going to leave the crew?

He did in fact leave the crew just before the Enies Lobby arc, but afterwards he begged Luffy for forgiveness and asked if he could rejoin the crew, which Luffy allowed.

What manga volume has sogeking's speed up sticker?

shonen jump april 2010 volume 8 issue 4 has one.

What episodes are the straw hat crew's past for each member?

One Piece Pasts episodesLuffy - Episode 4Zoro - Episode 18Sanji - Episode 26Nami - Episodes 35-36Franky - Episodes 248-250Robin - Episodes 275-278Brook - Episode 379-380I do not think One Piece has an episode for Usopp's past.

Who are the characters of one piece?

the main characters are Luffy: capitian Zoro: first mate Nami: navigator Usopp: sniper Sanji: chef Chopper: doctor Robin: archaeologist Franky: Ship repair Brook: musician Marguerite: position unknown

What chapters does Luffy fight Usopp?

332 and 333

What episode does usopp leave luffy?

Episode 236