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He is the protangonist in Bram Stoker's famous novel 'Dracula'. Many believe he is a fictional character, however there is evidence to suggest he was a real person. Mr. Ed Erdelac discovered the The Van Helsing Papers in 1997 which is a series of personal journals that provide evidence of Van Helsings existence.

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Van helsing is real in ghost legend. But he was like a doctor more than slayer in the movie.

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Q: Is Van Helsing real
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Was van helsing a real person?

No, Van Helsing was not a real person. Van Helsing is a fictional character written for the book Dracula. The character can also been seen in movies.

Was van helsing real?

No. Van Helsing (the character) was invented by Bram Stoker and is one of the main protagonists in "Dracula".

Is that hugh jackmans real hair in Van Helsing?

Yes, it is Hugh Jackmans real hair in Van Helsing

Is van helsing a vampire?

No Van Helsing is a vampire hunter

What is the first name of van helsing in the film van helsing?


Dracula's enemy Van Helsing?

Van helsing is a vampire killer

Who has played Van Helsing?

Van Helsing was played by Hugh Jackman.

Who is van helsing?

van helsing is a character in ficional movies, and is known with dracula

When was Rachel van Helsing created?

Rachel van Helsing was created in 1972.

When was Abraham Van Helsing created?

Abraham Van Helsing was created in 1897.

When was Van Helsing released?

Van Helsing was released on 05/07/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Van Helsing?

The Production Budget for Van Helsing was $170,000,000.