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No, the real Balto was "fixed" and couln't have any pups. Balto 1 is based off the real story, but Balto was really a husky, not part wolf. And he was black/white, possibly dark brown, but he wasn't tan and brown.

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It's actually based on a true story about a deadly diphtheria epidemic that broke out in 1925.

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Q: Is balto 2 a true story?
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Who is Balto and Togo?

balto is a famous lead dog in 1925, when there was a desiese spreading in Nome alaska. the sleds would pass the medicene down to each team to bring back the medicene. Togo was also a lead dog, his team passed the medicene to balto's team and balto's team reached nome with medicene. (not the movie, this is the real story)

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Balto (1995) Balto: Wolf Quest (2002) (Video) Balto III: Wings of Change (2004) (Video)

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Firstly Balto is not a Disney movie, Balto was made by universal studios. Balto came out in 1995 in the cinema.

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Was balto a stray?

On the movie Balto was a stray, but in real life he was not.

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Samuel Balto died in 1921.

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