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Mady Gosselin is short for her age. She is 3"8 and Cara is 4"1.

And the average 9 year old is 4"5 or 4"6.

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Q: Is mady gosselin small for her age?
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What are Cara and Mady Gosselin real names?

Cara Nicole Gosselin and Mady Kate Gosselin

Which type of twins are Cara and Mady Gosselin - identical or fraternal?

Cara and Mady Gosselin are faternal twins.

Are Cara and Mady Gosselin sharing a room?

Yes, Cara and Mady Gosselin share a room in the new house, just as they did in the previous Gosselin home.

What is Mady Gosselin's favorite color?

Dark blueLight BlueDark GreenRedOne opinionI think Mady Gosselin's favorite color is purple. Another opinionI think Mady Gosselin's favorite color is pink.

What is Mady Gosselin's full name?

Madelyn Kate Gosselin

Where are pictures of Mady Gosselin as a baby?

there is some pics of mady on google

Why did Mady Gosselin get braces?

She had a crossbite

Does mady gosselin have a facebook?

YES! She Does.

Does Cara Gosselin love Mady Gosselin?

of course she does! cara and mady love each other and their younger siblings very much.

Does Cara Gosselin Have A Boyfriend Now atr age 10?

No She Is A Single Now No Boyfriend But Mady Have One

What color braces did Mady Gosselin get?

Mady got pink the first time

Does mady gosselin have a stardoll?

A public stardoll for Mady Gosselin is not known at this time.WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.