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Q: Is origin a safe downloading website?
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Where is a website for safe downloading?

download mcafee site adviser.

Is minecraft zoo mod safe to download?

It depends what website you are downloading it from.

Where can you find a safe music downloading website? is good too

What is a free safe down loadable music website?

Downloading songs for free is illegal.

What is a fun and safe avatar game website that requires no downloading?

whyville.... but idk any others...

Is Zedge a safe internet downloading site?

zedge is a local website and hence it is not recommended to download from it

Does downloading flight simulator have virus?

It depends on where you download it from... If you have bought it and are downloading from the Microsoft website, then it is safe. If not, there is a chance it may a have a virus. Again, it really depends on where you get it from.

Where can you download sims3 for free safely?

mostly no free downloading website is safe but try a website that looks legit.try to give me a proper noun of the website

Is downloading safe?

It depends on what site you are downloading from.

Is Moovizon a safe website to watch movies?

Yes it is, I'm using it myself for long time. You can watch movies online for free without downloading at

What is a good and safe website to download music?

Why site,you can try Easy Music Downloader.It is good for downloading music.

Can downloading things to your laptop affect it or harm it with virisus?

It is possible depending on the website you are downloading it from. Always check the website or file with an anti-virus program just to be sure or make sure you use a reputable website that you know is absolutely safe from malware and viruses.