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Q: Is rocky an American hero
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Did rocky Sullivan die a hero or coward?


Is dr. Jose Rizal an American made hero?

no, he is not an American-made hero,,it is only the American who suggest that the Philippines should have a national hero and it was Rizal.

Is rizal an American hero?

no. he is a filipino hero

When did The Greatest American Hero end?

The Greatest American Hero ended on 1983-02-03.

What is the duration of The Greatest American Hero?

The duration of The Greatest American Hero is 3600.0 seconds.

What is the duration of The Last American Hero?

The duration of The Last American Hero is 1.58 hours.

When was The Last American Hero created?

The Last American Hero was created on 1973-07-27.

Reasons why Chief Joseph was true American hero?

Reasons why chief Joseph was a true American Hero

What has the author Rocky Landon written?

Rocky Landon has written: 'A Native American thought of it'

What continental plate do the Rocky mountains sit on?

The Rocky Mountains are on the North American plate.

Who was an earlier railroad hero?

John Henry(American folk hero) was an earlier railroad hero.

In spore hero arena how do you beat spellunk?

beat the arena champion, rocky, in King of the Planet