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The Sahara is a large Sand Dune type desert, No Deciduous Trees

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Q: Is the Sahara desert a deciduous forest?
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What biomes would you pass through from los angeles California to Washington dc?

the deciduous forest, desert, grassland, deciduous forest. ChaCha!

Did the Sahara desert used to be called the Sahara forest?

yes a long time a go it was called the Sahara forest due to man's doing by cutting trees it turned into the Sahara desert

Which is dry Sahara desert or Amazon forest?

the Sahara is very dry and called a desert, the forest in Brazil is called a rain forest and very hot and moist.

What is Tokyo's biome?

Subarctic Tundra Biome, Alpine Tundra Biome, and the Coastal Desert Biome. YAYA

What biome are there?

Desert, Polar, Tundra, Forest (Deciduous, Coniferous), Chaparral.

Is the deciduous desert a temperate desert?

Deciduous generally refers to a forest in a region that has four distinct seasons and not to deserts. There are, however, come deciduous trees that live in deserts.,

What type of biome does a armadillo live?

deciduous forest and desert

Does Tanzania have rain forest?

Ethiopia has the Eastern Desert which is the Sahara Desert.

Is there 7 biomes?

yesTundra,tropical rain forest,rainforest,desert,deciduous forest

What are the major forest biomes in the world?

The major forest biomes in the world include tropical rainforests, temperate forests, and boreal forests (also known as taiga). Tropical rainforests are found near the equator and are characterized by high biodiversity. Temperate forests are found in regions with four distinct seasons, while boreal forests are located in the northern hemisphere and have cold winters.

Describe the 6 major land biomes?

The six major land biomes are: grassland, tropical rainforest, desert, deciduous forest, tundra, and taiga.

What are the five biomes?

The seven biomes are grassland, tundra, savanna, taiga, desert,tropical rainforest,and the deciduous forest posted by masonie hazel