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No because Green Street 2 is based in the prison :) x the major is said to return in green street 3

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Q: Is the major in green street 2?
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Green street 3 return of the major?

yeah there was going to be one,but cause green street 2 was so crap and no one bought it there not going to make another, and that really pissed me off I WANT GREEN STREET 3

Is there a green street 3 return of the major coming out?

There isn't going to be a green street 3 return of the major. the videos on youtube are fake :\

Is there going to be green street hooligans 3?

yes there will be a Green Street Hooligan 3 . . . it is called "The Return Of The Major" are you sure ??

Are they going to make a green street 3 film?

yes there is going to be a green street 3 coming out near the end of this year or the beginning of 2010 and it is called green street 3 the return of the major

What is the new green street called?

New Brawl even look on wikipedia go on green street 2 page.

Are they going to bring out green street 3?

when are they green street return of the major cos i think they shud bring out this year they have vids of it up on youtube but every where i look i cant find it

When will green street 3 be released?

Unfortunately there will not be a Green Street 3. A sequel was planned, but due to poor reviews and sales of Green Street 2, it was scrapped. For further information please email me at

When is Green street 2 released?

it has already been released

Is Elijah Wood in green street hooligans 2?

NO, He isn't!

Will there be a green street 2 movie?

yes its called green street 2:stand your ground -i havent watched it yet but definetly will soon

When is the release date for Green Street 3 Return Of The Major?

there is defiantly going to be a green street 3 movie but the release date hasn't been confirmed yet however, they have confirmed that Vinnie Jones will be staring in the movie

What is the duration of Green Street?

The duration of Green Street is 1.82 hours.