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Q: Is the movie headed shark scary?
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How much does a five headed shark weigh?

Five times as much as a 'One-Headed Shark'.

Is the shark attack in the movie Soul Surfer scary?

A little bit, it is in the middle of the day and it pops up out of nowhere!

Is the movie The Shallows scary?

Whether you find The Shallows scary depends a lot on how you react to suspense and blood. There is a shark that attacks people and some of them get killed. The protagonist is stranded off shore and is bleeding since she has already been bitten by the shark.

Are 2 headed sharks real?

They cant be born but if you mutated it im sure you would be able to get a two headed shark

What is all the movies in the movie series like scary movie and epic movie?

Scary Movie 1 Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 3 etc. Epic Movie super hero movie disaser movie

Which scary movie is ghostface in?

Scary Movie 1.

Why was the shark so scary in jaws?

because its a movie.... movies are always over dramatic and surreal usually.... i saw the movie and it made me sit on the edge of my seat almost the whole time :)

Why is the movie jaws so scary?

because its about a shark that eats people and i find it offensive because sharks don't enjoy eating people besides more ppl die in car crashes that shark attacks

How does the great white shark look?

they look scary

How do you introduce a scary movie?

You introduce a scary movie by putting it on a preview and or get someone excited on another movie and surprise them with a scary movie of your choice.

What is a good horror movie for 12 year olds?

scary movie,scary movie 2,and the rest but it is really called scary movie

Is paranormal 2 a scary movie?

Yes it is a scary movie. It is a horror movie.