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There are French speaking people and English speaking people in Canada, so most street signs there are printed in French, and English.


Yes, in part. Actually, Canada recognizes both French and English as it's national languages, mainly because this country was founded by France and England.

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2010-08-23 00:45:57
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Q: Is the national language of Canada french?
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Is the national language of Canada french true or false?

Both true and false.French is a national language of Canada, but not the national language. Canada has two national languages, French and English.

Does Canada have English as a national language?

yes it does have English with French as a national

What language do Canada's seak?

IF your question was meant to be "What language do Canadians speak" then here is your answer: The 2 national languages of Canada are French and English

In which parts of Canada is French spoken - and why is this so?

French is a national language of Canada, so it is spoken everywhere but especially so in Quebec.

What is Canada's national language?

English is the predominant language. French is also an official language. Various native Canadian languages are also officially supported.french == == Actually, on Wikipedia's article on "Canada", it is specified that the Official language of Canada is both French and English. However, English is more dominant in all of Canada.English and French are officially the official languages.

What is France's national and official language?

The national and official language is French.

Some countries that speak french as their national language?

Some countries that speak French as their official language are: France, Lebanon, Benin, Chad, Senegal, Togo, Madagascar, Congo, and Canada.

What is the language is apart from English is an official language of Canada?


Which part of Canada has french as its official language?

French and English are Canada's official languages, in all parts of Canada.

Where in Canada is french the predominant language?


What is Canada's official second language?


What is the language spoken in quebec canada?


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