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Nope = (

But you can sign a petition to get one made.

Sign that, the details are at the site. :)

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Q: Is their a ps3 bmx game?
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What game consoles can BMX The Game be played on?

BMX The Game is a video game which players can simulate riding BMX bikes. The game, which is set to be released in December of 2013, will be available for XBox 360, PS3, and PC.

If you have a choice of getting a bmx bike or a ps3 which one should you choose?

It's smarter to get a BMX bike instead of a ps3.

When will there be a bmx game out for xbox 360?

it's not official but there is a bmx game rumored to come out around May 2013!!

Is BMX played individual?

bmx racing is not a game, it is an extreme sport which is taken very seriously by its athletes

Can you play RuneScape on a PS3?

No it is a PC game and not a PS3 game

Does the PS3 slim come with a game?

No, the PS3 slim does not come with a game.

What is the worst PS3 game ever?

lair, the worst ps3 game.

Game that included for the first time in Beijing?


Is there a new bmx game for xbox 360 coming out?


What is the best bmx game for the xbox?

it is justcause2 i love it

Is there a bmx game for the xbox 360?

Heck yes you can

Is motorstorm a good PS3 game?

Yes it is a good PS3 game and not a great PS3 game according to the ratings see related link