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No. Freddy vs Jason was bad enough.

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Q: Is there a movie called Freddy vs Jason vs leather face?
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Will there be a ninth Freddy Krugar movie?

Yes.It is called Freddy Vs Jason 2

Will there be a Freddy vs Jason 2?

There are no plans to make a second Freddy vs Jason movie.

Who killed who in Freddy vs Jason?

what realy happened is that Jason had freddy kuegers head at the end of the movie and then freddy's face winked at the end of the movie that is all thanks for looking at my answer.

What is the movie after Jason X?

The movie specifically made after Jason X that stared Jason Voorhees was 'Freddy Vs. Jason'.

Who would win in a fight Freddy or Jason?

Jason is very strong and if Freddy gets cut up he still lives but i would say Freddy because in the movie Freddy vs.Jason the setting takes place at camp crystal lake Jason drowns in the lake and Freddy grabs Jason's mask so there you have it Freddy would win even thou Jason got huge pulls going through them

What movie was slipKnot in?

slipknot featured a song called snap in the movie Freddy vs. Jason. but it was with their first singer not Corey Taylor

Where do Freddy and Jason go at the end of the movie Freddy vs Jason?

They go where ever they want. Honestly, who is going to tell them they can't?

Is crystal lake in a Freddy Krueger movie?

Crystal lake is where the 12 Friday the 13th films were based where Jason voorhes is the killer not Freddy krueger. The nightmare on elm street films are based on freddy krueger but there was one film called freddy vs Jason where both were involved..

Was the last Freddie krugar movie Freddie vs Jason?

yes but they're supost to make freddy vs Jason 2 since at the end of freddy vs Jason, Jason comes out the water with freddies and you see freddy wink at the screen.

Who dies in Freddy vs Jason?

Jason Voorhees was played by Ken Kirzinger, while Freddy Krueger was played by Robert Englund.

Does Freddy vs Jason 2 exist?

Im not sure but i know that there is a new nightmare on elmstreet movie which is a freddy movie hope that helped

Is Freddy vs Jason hellraised real?

freddy vs Jason hellraised is a fan made movie which is now on youtube to watch. i would love to see this film be made.