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probaby a teenager... about 13 to 15.

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Q: Jonah from haunting in Connecticut's age?
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How old was Jonah aikman in haunting in Connecticut?

17 i believe

In A Haunting in Connecticut does the evil spirit overtake the body of the boy?

In the Discovery Channel documentary A Haunting in Connecticut, the evil spirit does possess the boy (Matt), which leads him to attack his cousin.** SPOILER WARNING FOR THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT**In the film The Haunting in Connecticut, the spirit of the clairvoyant boy Jonah possesses Matt Campbell's body, but Jonah was not an evil spirit.

Who is the kid on the poster of The Haunting in Connecticut?

The character's name is Jonah, played by Erik J. Berg.

Did Matt die in 'the haunting in connecticut'?

He was dead and being possessed by Jonah when the house was burning down, but after getting out of the house, Jonah brings Matt back to life.

How did Jonah aikman die in haunting in Connecticut?

When they used Jonah to talk to the dead at one point the ectoplasm exploded and burnt everyone around the table, and the man who Jonah Assists (who i cant remember the name of) told Jonah to run, Jonah ended up climbing into the dumbwaiter and it went down to the basement and he accidentally rolled into the creamer and he was cremated. RIP. Jonah <3

Why is Erik j berg brunett in the haunting in Connecticut and blonde now?

They dyed/hilighted his hair, to better fit the character of Jonah.

Who are the actors in The Haunting In Connecticut?

Cast of "The Haunting in Connecticut" (2009): Virginia Madsen as Sara CampbellKyle Gallner as Matt CampbellMartin Donovan as Peter CampbellAmanda Crew as WendyElias Koteas as Reverend Nicholas PopescuErik J. Berg as Jonah Aickman

What is Connecticuts initials?


In The Movie The Haunting In Connecticut their is a boy named Joshua what is this actor's name in real life?

His name is actually Jonah and Erik J. Berg is the actor.

What were colonial connecticuts exports?

in the dutch

Who is Jonah in The Haunting in Connecticut?

Jonah was the mortician's assistant (and son) who was being forced by the mortician to perform séances so that customers could contact their dead relatives. His powers proved too much for him to control, which ultimately led to several deaths.

What are some of connecticuts seal?

American Robin