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It's maybe because that your chip doesn't know that you saved your data. But I need to know how to save it right!

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Q: On Pokemon Platinum edition after you save it and turn it off it says you have no saved data why?
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On Pokemon Platinum can you discover new pokemons from box data?

Yes, on Pokemon Platinum you can discover new Pokemon from box data.

What happens when you reach 999 hours on Pokemon platinum?

The clock rests itself all your saved data stays the same. Source: It just happened to me :D

On Pokemon platinum what should you do if action replay ruined my game?

Im afraid if it has ruined your game, you will have to delete your old saved data and start a new game. Sorry

How can you uncorrupt saved data on Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you get data on a mew in Pokemon platinum?

Capture Mew!

How do you erase data in Pokemon platinum?

That is a stupid question

Can you get old saved data in Pokemon emerald?

You can't

Is there a code to get Pokemon from black and white in Pokemon Platinum using the Pokemon modfier code?

No, there is no data of Pokemon black or white in Pokemon platinum so it won't know about any of the pokemon.

Why can't I save my new saved data over my old in Pokemon Platinum?

On the intro screen (where Giratina is), you must press B + Select + Up together. You will then be asked if you want to delete your old saved data. If you want to start a new game and be able to save it, you have to delete your old data first. Otherwise, you will be unable to save.

How do I erase all of my data on Pokemon Ranch?

just go into your data managment where all your games get saved and erase the saved data and you will be able to start a new game.

What happens if you get a bad egg in Pokemon platinum?

It will corrupt your games' data.

How do you delete saved data on pokemon white?

Press L+R+Select.