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The weakest and strongest links are decided by how many questions they get right and it depends how long they take to answer the question. xxxx Hope that helps

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Q: On the Weakest Link how are the strongest and weakest links decided?
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What happens to the weakest link?

The weakest link lets the other links down, and falls apart.

Why does air pollution affect children and the elderly most?

Because they are the weakest links

Which Scripture says that the rope is as strong as its weakest link?

The word rope appears three times in the Bible not one of the verses say anything about the strength of rope. Also rope does not have links, a chain has links and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

What does the saying a chain is no stronger than its weakest link mean?

If you put stress on a chain, it will eventually break at its weakest spot. This usually means one of the links in the chain which has been badly welded or is made of inferior metal. The idea is that if you have a group of people, you must assess their capabilities as a group by the least capable.

What is the meaning of the phrase a chain is only as strong as its weakest link?

It means literally that if one link of a chain will break under 10 lbs. stress, then even if all the other links will not break until the stress is 20 lbs., the chain as a whole will break if 10 lbs. is applied, since the weak link will break. Figuratively, it is used to suggest that a team is only as good as its weakest member, because if the team is to fail, the weakest member will fail first.

What is the weakest legendary Pokemon?

Magikarp.Here's another opinion.Silcoon, Cascoon, Medapot and Kakuna can really only use harden.Here's another opinion.Magikarp is the weakest because the game's PokéDex writers claim that people even say Magikarp is the weakest.Magikarp is weakest until it turns into garydos which is strong.

What do isolated links on light fixture pull chains prevent?

They are the weakest link and will release the chain if pulled too hard. They keep you from breaking the original chain, some of which goes inside of the fan and very time consuming to fix.

Who is or was the strongest man of all time?

John Cena is just one of the strongest man that ever lived. He once held a 2,000 pound car in the air for 10 seconds!Magnus Samuelsson belongs in the group of the strongest men.Fortissimus is another of the strongest men.There are more. For additional information, see the external page links, further down this page, listed under Sources and Related Links

What do symbles mean on the book twilight?

the twilight book covers do have meaning. they are as follows....Twilight:the apple is the forbidden fruit and the arms are Edwards.New Moon: this was a random cover chosen by the has no real meaning.Eclipse: the ribbon symbolizes the tear or choice Bella has to make between edward and Jacob. (this decision is very hard!)Breaking Dawn: the chess pieces are symbolizing Bella, showing (by the pawn) her first as the weakest player, but later growing as a character in the book, and with her transformation and such in the story, to the strongest player on the board (the queen).If you want any more insight or information on the books or movies follow the links to i gave you some info. you needed.twilife1901.

What results when a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of the environment?

In the event a population grows above the carrying capacity for that population, the weakest links of begin to die out as the strongest live to compete for resources. The large population of one organism, assuming that organism is a consumer, can cause another population of organisms to become scarce due to the overfeeding on that organism.

How did the world economy affect your economy and your industries?

If the world economy is good, then money flow is most likely vibrant which means that people everywhere are willing to buy and sell products, start new businesses, etc. Money flow allows countries' economies to grow and stay healthy. More money flow means that everyone is buying from everyone else, which means that everyone wins in the end. Think of all the world's economies like a metal-link chain. The chain is really only as strong as the weakest link (aka the weakest country's economy). When the link breaks (aka country goes in a recession), all the other links fall apart because they are no longer connected. All the other countries need that economy to do well because they do business with that country and need them to buy and sell products in order to keep the money flow alive.

Order of how stronger eergon optimus prime is?

optimus prime (weakest) super optimus prime power links optimus prime flight mode optimus prime fight mode optimus prime super powerlinks optimus prime omega optimus prime supream omega senenel optimus prime super omega optimus supream wing omega supream optimus prime super omega senenal optimus prime omega wing sentenell optimus prime super omega wing optimus prime super omega sentenell wing optimus prime optimus supream finle impact ultimtae optimus supream ultimtae optimus supream finle impact (strongest)