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"Cousin" Andy

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Q: On the first episode of the Andy Griffith show what did barney call Andy?
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In what Andy Griffith episode did Barney interrogate a sleeping Otis about a still?

Sheriff Barney

In what episode of Andy Griffith did Barney try to get taller by hanging from a door?

Barney's Physical, Season 5

What is name of Andy Griffith episode where Barney fife karate chops the desk?

I think it was 'Barney Fife's Talent, season 7, episode 19.

What episode of the Andy Griffith show was Barney and Gomer in a haunted house?

"The Haunted House" ; Season 4, Episode 2 .

On the Andy Griffith show Barney and Andy were?


Why did Andy hire Barney Fife as his Deputy Sheriff?

Per the first episode, Barney was Andy's cousin.

Was Andy Griffith and Barney Cousins?

In the first show I believe Barney was calling Andy Cousin.

In what episode of Andy Griffith show did barney fife wolf down a sandwich that aunt bea made while Andy was trying to get barney to answer some questions?

The Return Of Malcolm Merriweather

What are the release dates for The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 Barney's First Car 3-27?

The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 Barney's First Car 3-27 was released on: USA: 1 April 1963

Who was in the first episode of the Andy Griffith Show?

"The Andy Griffith Show" is a spinoff of "The Danny Thomas Show". Danny Thomas appeared in the first episode. Frances Bavier is in the episode but not as Aunt Bee.

Who played Andy's old girlfriend Sharon on the Andy Griffith Show in the episode about Andy and Barney's class reunion?

The role of Sharon DeSpain was played by Peggy McCay .

Who plays Barney on the Andy Griffith show?

35 year old Don Knotts appeared in the second episode, 'The Manhunt' as Andy's cousin and Deputy

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