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Q: Should summer heathers be pruned now?
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What would cause your hands to become very pruned?

Exposure to water. Cha Cha for now!

Are chrysanthemums supposed to be pruned now and are they to be mulched still?

Yes, you should dead-head your chrysanthemums in the warmer seasons, and mulch them.

Should you and a guy go out now or wait till summer?

Honestly if you think your ready to date now then now but if you want to get to know each other the wait till summer then ask and see where you get :)

How to prune a cordon pear bush?

Growing shoots should be pruned late July -mid August to 5 leaves - to help keep the vigour of the tree in check. In winter, then reduce this by a further 2 leaves (which won't now be on the tree!) as you want to create a fruiting spur network. The leader can be reduced to leave 2 leaves of the new growth summer or winter.

Is it spring in Japan now or summer?


My dicksonia tree fern has kept its fronds through the winter they are now turning brown in may do you need to prune them?

The Dicksonia tree fern will have brown fronds if they have frostbite. These fronds should be pruned in early spring before the new fronds sprout.

How long will an oleander live?

We live in San Diego and have had our Oleander Bushes now for about 35 years. They don't require much care at all and they look good most of the year. Ours have gotten gnarly in the trunks - we should have pruned them more often.

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