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No. Prime Minister should be from either of the Houses of Indian Parliament.

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Q: That prime minister should always be from lok sabha?
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How you decide prime minister of India?

Prime Minister of India is elected by the leaders of largest party elected to Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Prime Minister should be a Member of Parliament.

How did the prime minister of India become prime minister?

the majority party leader who is elected in lok sabha elections becomes the prime minister of India.

Which prime minister is not a member of lok sabha?

dr.manmohan singh

Can a nominated member in rajya sabha of India be prime minister?


Who appoints the secretary general of lok sabha?

Prime Minister of India

To whom does prime minister of India has to submit resignation?

Lok Sabha

What is the process for making a prime minister in India?

Prime Minister is elected by M.P. of Lok Sabha by two-third majority of Votes.

Which indian prime minister had never faced the lok sabha even once?


Whom does the Prime Minister of India sends his resignation letter to?

speaker of lok sabha

Which Indian Prime Minister could not prove his majority in Lok Sabha in May 1996?

The Indian Prime Minister who could not prove his majority in Lok Sabha in May 1996 is Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Who of the member if the rajya sabha at the time of appointment as prime minister of India?

Lal Bahadur Shastri

What happens if the annual union budget is not passed by lok sabha?

the Prime Minister submits the resignation of his cabinet