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Q: The apache tribe ate mammoths
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What type of food did the Mescalero apache tribe ate?

When studying Indian tribes, it is important to know their diet. The Mescalero Apache tribe ate things like agave, and the animals of the local land.

What tribe ate lizards and snakes?

Several different apache tribes.

What types of food did the Apache tribe of Canada eat?

The apache trtibe ate buffalo, rabbits, nuts and berries.

Where did the Apache Indian tribe eat?

They ate outside under their ancestors-or the stars if you prefer-or if it was bad weather they ate in their wickiups which is a small hut

What did apache people eat?

Foods the Apache Indians Ate -The Apaches were hunters and gatherers. They gathered wild roots, fruits from a cacti, and wild potatoes. Meat was a major part of of their diet. During the Ice Age the Apache ate Mammoths. They also eat squash, corn, and beans.

What are some food that Apache tribe ate?

squash,corn, moose, wolves, deer and much more crops and animals

Did the Apache tribe participate in any specific festivals?

yes they would find the weakest person in their tribe and choke them to death and they all ate buffalo while watching.

What tribe allied with Mexico in the Mexican American war and continued their conflict with the united states until 1900?


What tribe of Indian a tribe of hunters?


Were there any famous people in the apache tribe?

I have never found any famous people of the apache tribe except, the Apache Leader Geronimo

What transportation did the Apache have?

If your refering to the Apache tribe then the answer is on horse back.

What tribe was cochise in?

Chiricahua Apache