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Q: The car zooms pass themindicate the figure of speech in it?
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What part of speech is pass?

She and pass are two different parts of speech. She is a pronoun; pass is a verb. However, pass is not the correct conjugation for she. It should be "she passes".

What part of speech is the word pass?

Pass is a noun (a pass) and a verb (to pass).

What part of speech is she pass?

"She" is a pronoun. It is used to refer to a female person or animal.

Does the city is so big have similes in it?

No, "the city is so big" does not contain similes. A simile is a figure of speech that compares two different things using "like" or "as."

How is editing used in jaws?

There's an interesting shot on the beach. Roy Scheider is on the beach looking at the water to determine if there are any sharks. People keep walking between him and the camera. Whenever this happens, the camera zooms closer to him as they pass.

How do you pass Scooby Doo and the spooky swamp howling peaks?

You Have To figure that out on your own.

How do you pass Game Show Island helicopter part?

Only idiots cant figure it out

How do you pass level eighty of the game never ending level game?

You figure it out on your own.

What compares two unlike objects without using the words like or as?

A comparison between two things that does not use "like" or "as" is a metaphor. But another phrase used to compare two things is "similar to".A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes a comparison without using "like" or "as." An example of a metaphor would be, "The boy was a bullet, running across the field."

Free speech on city life vs village life information?

some people live there lives and some people pass and villagers have to pass there lives

What will be indirect speech for this sentence They said you have done your duty well?

If the sentence has no quotation marks, the indirect speech is: you have done your duty well. Indirect speech is explaining that someone is saying something or has said something without giving their speech word-for-word. Kate said, "Pass me that banana." In this sentence, we are reading exactly what Kate said. This is direct speech. Kate said to pass her the banana. Now we are just getting the idea of what she said without the actual words. This is indirect speech.

How do you PASS level 18?

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