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Q: The real names of people in sesame street?
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Is sesame street filmed on a set or with a green screen?

Sesame street is a real street designed on a set. Some of sesame streets skits are done with a green screen.

Where can catch the bus to sesamiplace?

There is not a place that a person can catch a bus in order to go to Sesame Street. Sesame Street is the name of a television children's program; it is not a real place that a person can catch a bus to.

What puppet did Chris Brown did a song with?

He did a song with Elmo but not a real song it was just in sesame street. But to be honest in a real song i don't even know...

Elmo's address to send a letter.?

123 Sesame Street with Bert and Ernie -or- If your child wants to send a real letter to a character on Sesame Street, the mailing address is: Sesame Street Attn: Elmo (etc.) One Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 10023 USA

Did a sesame street charether die?

Yes, when the actor who played Mr. Hooper died in real life, the show portrayed Mr. Hooper's death as well. It was a poignant moment in children's television.

Are there all Snuffleupaguses in the real world?

A Snuffleupagus does not exist in the real world. A Snuffleupagus is a wooly mammoth like creature in the Sesame Street universe. The most remarkable Snuffleupagus is Aloysius Snuffleupagus.

How do sesame street muppets move and talk?

They have a Computer chip to move the Muppet's or they use REALLY thin strings and they use a voice chip and put it in there mouths then they have real people talk into microphones and then it vibrates into the Muppet's mouth

What else Did Dora heard about Sesame Street?

On November of 2008 she saw Sesame Street listed on the credits of E.T After when her cousin Diego picked it up She says Diego have you seen Sesame Street he says no and Dora asked Do you know what it is for real and he says no it sounds to Dora like is a Walt disney show about magic then they went to search for it and see to find Sesame Street searching for the show that playing in the background and couldn't find it she got the Sesame street DVD Old school voulme 1 1969-1974 and voulme 2 1974-1979 DVD And she says oh it's a 70's show and then they watch it to find a fimiar clip from E.T First it had puppets and live action people then they showed Short clips and it showed The letter B She thought the letter B was from a commerical not a show called Sesame Street and when it got to the letter B She says Oh That's the clip that Drew Barrymore was watching and that clip on TV That's where Dora heard about Sesame Street and then she found out that it was a production of Children's Televison Workshop and TV Channel Public Broadcasting service like Mister Rogers Neighboorhood

Are the names of the people in the hills their real names or is it made-up?

its real but some of it is staged.

Why do people use street names for drugs?

because if someone finds out your name then you could either be sent to prison or if people are coming after you then they wont know your real name and therefore then nothing will happen to them

Is Sesame Street a real TV show?

Of course it's a real TV show, I'm at a loss at why you'd think it wasn't real. If by chance you're asking if it's a documentary series, of course not considering the Muppet characters that exist on the show.

Is 123 bay street a real street?

Yes, 123 Bay Street is a real street. It is a street in Wisconsin.