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Q: Victoria island lies directly north of quebec?
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What sound is north of Victoria island?

The sound north of Victoria Island is Viscount Melville Sound.

Which province is directly north of New Hampshire?


What is Vermont's Capital and what is the Capital of the state directly North of it?

Montpelier is the capital city in the U.S. state of Vermont. The Canadian province of Quebec is directly north of Vermont. Quebec City is the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec.

Where is Victoria Island?

north america

Is Victoria Island north or south of the Arctic Circle?


What continent is victoria island in?

North America.

Is Lewis pass on south island or north of nz?

South Island

Is Victoria island north or south of arctic circle?

There are at least five Victoria Islands. The one in Canada is north of the Arctic Circle.

Is Victoria island south of the Arctic Circle?

Depends which one you mean. Three out of five of them are. Victoria Island, Nigeria definitely is. Ditto Victoria Island, Chile and Victoria Island in California. Google Earth shows Victoria Island in the Russian Arctic is well within (i.e. north of) the Arctic Circle. That leaves Victoria Island, Canada, which I'm guessing is the one that prompted the question. No, it is not south of the Arctic Circle. In fact, Victoria Island, Canada is entirely within (i.e. north of) the Arctic Circle, the largest island in the world with this distinction (and ninth largest island in the world, period).

What island is directly north of Hokkaido?


What sound is north of Victorie Island?

first of all it is Victoria Island and it is the Viscount Melville Sound

What is latitude 71 north longitude 110 west?

Victoria Island