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No, Vanna White was never a Miss America contestant.

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Q: Was Vanna White a Miss America contestant?
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What year did Betty White compete in Miss America?

Betty White has never been a contestant at the Miss America pageant.

Was betty white ever crowned miss America?

Betty White has been a successful actress for many years. She has starred in and is still starring in several successful television series and feature films. Unfortunately, being crowned Miss America was never one of Betty's many achievements.

Who was the 2013 Miss America contestant with Autism?

Alexis Wineman was the first autistic contestant to compete in Miss America in 2012. She also won an America's Choice award at the 2013 Miss America pageant.

Has a Georgia contestant ever won Miss America?

Yes, Miss Georgia won Miss America once, in 1953.

Who was the Miss South Carolina 1975 runner up?

Vanna White

Was vanna white miss america?

no she was not and a related link for Miss South Carolina From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has been added so you can see the winners from each year

What state is Miss America contestant of 1992 name Lisa?

Lisa, of Miss America 1992, is either from Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Did a different contestant win 1937 Miss America and was she replaced?

No, the winner of the 1937 Miss America pageant was Bette Cooper. Although she missed scheduled appointments on her first day as Miss America because of illness, she was not replaced.

Who is the only contestant to have won the Miss America pageant in two consecutive years?

Dolly Parton

Was Betty White ever in a Miss America Pageant?

No, Betty White was never crowned as Miss America.

Why are there 53 contestants in the Miss America pageant?

The contestants in the Miss America Pageant consist of one contestant from each of the 50 states plus one contestant each from the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) and the U.S. territories of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, for a total of 53 contestants.

How can you become a Miss America contestant?

Don't eat for a couple of weeks, get plastic surgery and get some breast implants