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All of France. France surrerder after being invaded by Nazi Germany.

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Yes, during WW1 Germany invaded Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

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Q: Was france occupied by Germany prior to world war 2?
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What countries occupied West Germany after World War I?

The Ussr, Britain, The US, and France because they were the strongest world leaders after the war had ended

Was germany invaded on D-day World War 2?

No, occupied France was invaded.

Why did France join in world war 2?

The war came to them when Germany invaded and occupied.

Who occupied Germany after World War 2?

USA, Britain, France, and Soviet Union.

Why were Germany and France so hostile to each other prior to World War II?

Germany and France were hostile to each other prior to World War II because Germany successfully invaded France in 1940. The relations between France and Germany is embodied in a cooperation called Franco-German friendship.

What two countries did US occupy after world war 2?

Germany and France. The part of Germany that they occupied was eventually called West Germany, while the Russians occupied East Germany.

What countries were in West Germany after world war 2?

France, Britain and the United States occupied Germany in the west after World War 2.

What were the enemy countries during World War 2?

The Allies:AustraliaBelgium (Occupied by Germany from 1940-1945)CanadaChinaCzechoslovakia (Occupied by Germany from 1939-1945)Finland (1945)France (Occupied by Germany from 1940-1945)Greece (Occupied by Germany and Italy 1941-1944)IndiaNorway (Occupied by Germany 1940-1945)Poland (Occupied by Germany 1939-1945)United KingdomUnited StatesSoviet UnionYugoslaviaThe Axis:Finland (From 1939-1945)Vichy France (July 1940-August 1944)GermanyHungaryItalyKorea (Occupied by Japan 1905-1945)JapanRomania

Who occupied Paris from 1940 until 1944?

Germany invaded and occupied most of France, including Paris, during World War 2.

How much German land was occupied by the Allied powers after World War 2?

All of Germany was occupied by Allied Powers after WWII. The Russians occupied almost the entire eastern section of Germany and Britain, France, and the US occupied the western section.

How did Germany beat France and Britain in World War 2?

Germany lost WW2, they did not beat Britain and whilst they 'occupied' France they withdrew after being defeated by allied forces.

What countries occupied Germany at the end of World War 2?

The Soviet Union, England, United Staes, and France.