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Yes , the sinking of the RMS Titanic by an iceberg resulted in it's sinking 14 April 1912 .

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Q: Was the Titanic disaster a real event?
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Who was the author of the Titanic?

The Titanic was a real maritime disaster in April of 1912. It had no 'author'.

Why is the Titanic nonfiction?

Titanic was nonfiction because the sinking was a real event.

What was the key titanic disaster?

The key Titanic disaster was the ONLY Titanic disaster. Her sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Is Titanic 2 real?

Yes look on netflix The Titanic was real. The movie was Hollywood and based on the disaster but not real or even close to real...all made up by a producer.

Was the movie titantic based on a real story?

Certainly, the Titanic disaster of l9l2.

Was the Titanic a manmade disaster?

yes the titanic was a man-made disaster.

Is this story a real or a fiction?

The Titanic was real ship and it is a real story but certain fiction works have been made about it since its disaster

Where did the real Captain of the Titanic live?

Before his death in the Titanic disaster, Captain Edward J. Smith resided in Southampton, England, which was where the Titanic began its maiden voyage

Is the Titanic real?

Yes, this event is real :) The shipwreck lies on the bottom of the North Atlantic ocean.

Was the titanic movie based on a real survivor of it?

No. It was based on a real disaster where a ship called the Titanic hit an ice burg and a lot of people died, but the characters in the film are entirely fictional.

Is the picture in titanic of rose real?

No. The film Titanic was a fictional account of fictional people based around an actual event.

Did the Jesuits cause the Titanic disaster?

No, an iceberg sunk the Titanic.

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