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Felix the Cat is a cartoon character created in the silent film era and so the first ones were , of course without sound , and the later ones were accompanied with a sound track .

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Q: Were Felix the Cat cartoons silent?
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What is the name of this silent-film era cartoon cat?

Felix the Cat .

Which animated cartoon cat was the fist to be televised?

Felix the cat commencing l947 see other questions on earliest cartoons.

Where were cartoons shown before you had a televition?

Popeye , Felix the Cat , Bugs Bunny , Betty Boop ,

How old is Felix the Cat?

somewere about 100 to odd the first cartoon came out in the silent film era 1919

What ever happen to the old cartoons like Felix the Cat and Top Cat and Deputy Dog and Wally Gator?

They most likely exist in the archives of the studios that created them.

Who created the cartoon character Felix the Cat?

Felix's origins remain disputed. Australian cartoonist and film entrepreneur Pat Sullivan and American animator Otto Messmer said that they created Felix. Some historians argue that Messmer ghosted for Sullivan. What is certain is that Felix emerged from Sullivan's studio, and cartoons featuring the character enjoyed unprecedented success and popularity in the 1920s.

What was the Name of a fictional animated cat that once featured in silent films and whose origins remain disputed?

Feliz the Cat is the oldest animated cartoon, newspaper , silent film, and yes, fromthe beginning-partly due to historical accident a soaky-head puppet on a test turntable, the first animal character to appear on tv! Later a regular lline-up[ of Televised Felix Cartoons into the fifties and sixties.

What was the first talking cartoon film?

Cartoons- originally made for movies- with sound- Bugs Bunny l927, Mickey Mouse l928 ( both still active) Felix The cat dates to about l923, originally silent, later with sound. By an historical accident, ( a Soaky puppet head used as a prop on a turntable to see if the primitive TV could follow moving targets- Felix the Cat was the first TV cartoon character. As soon as Tv was practical- the Black and white movie cartoons were pressed into service.

What was the first cartoons about animals?

Of what are popularily referred to as animated, movie ( originally) later TV cartoons of an animal nature- Felix the Cat, by the King Feature Syndicate. He was also- by accident, a prop of a Soaky puppet head mounted on a turntable for TV technicians wanting a (moving) target- the first TV cartoon character, soon, early in 47, the movie Felix cartoons were adapted to TV, once the bugs were worked out.

Who is more famous Felix the Cat or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Both are quite famous, have you seen the statistics of those cartoons and games of those series. They're quite good actually

What Decade was Felix the Cat introduced?

Felix the Cat's first appearance was in 1919

Was Snoopy first or Felix?

According the article in Wikipedia on Felix the cat, he was originally created as a silent cartoon movie character in the 1920s and was very popular. His first transition to the "talkies" as a movie short in 1929-1930 failed. Felix experienced a brief 3-cartoon resurrection in 1936. Television proved to be Felix's saviour in 1953 when Felix cartoons began airing on American TV. Meanwhile, Snoopy made his first appearance when "Peanuts" made its debut on 2 October 1950. (His owner, Charlie Brown, first appeared in the comic strip "Li'l Folks", published in 1947.)