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Spartacus kills his best friend to spare him of the agonies of crucifixion. This happened after the Spartacus slave army was defeated and Spartacus and his friend were captured.

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Q: What act did Spartacus perform in the 1960 film version of the movie Spartacus to help his best friend?
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What movie executive produced the 1960 version of Spartacus?

Edward Lewis was chosen by Kirk Douglas to produce the 1960 version of the movie Spartacus. Stanley Kubrick was the director.

What was the number of people required to produce the 1960 version of the movie Spartacus?

The 1960 version of Spartacus required the employment of 10,500 people. The scope of employees included actors and actresses along with extras and technical people.

What unique musical instrument was used in the production of the 1960 version of the movie Spartacus?

The Music Director of the 1960 version of the movie Spartacus used a variety of musical instruments rarely heard on a movie sound track. The most unique of these instruments was the Ondioline. Invented in Paris the instrument was brought to the USA for the first time for this movie.

Nina of spartacus?

Nina Foch from the movie Spartacus.

What is the movie Spartacus about?

As the title should tell you, the movie Spartacus is about the gladiator who escaped along with others and terrorized Italy. Much of the movie versions of Spartacus are fictionalized as very little is actually known about the person called Spartacus.

How long is the movie spartacus?

184 min..

Where was the Movie spartacus filmed?

amesbury england

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Who dies in spartacus?

Well basically a lot of people die in the movie(s) Spartacus, but in the end Spartacus himself gets crucified along with most of the slaves in the rebellion against the Romans.