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Q: What are 3 of Meursault's last thoughts of the burial in the story The Stranger?
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What is the stranger in the stranger story by iv mallari?

The story "The Stranger" by Ismael Mallari is about David And Goliath.

Why does the stranger lie to the baggage man on the train and say the dog has fits in the story The Call of the Wild?

The stranger doesn't want the baggage man to know he's stolen the dog.

What is the setting of six feet of the country?

A brief summary of "Six Feet of the Country" would be a short explanation on the story. It is about an illegal immigrant who is killed and his families ordeal in trying to get his body back to give him a proper burial.

Point of view of Footnote to Youth?

The "Footnote to Youth" point of view is: Omniscient Point of View-the author observes but does not participate in the story. He or she includes the actions, thoughts, and feelings of all characters. He or she makes use of the pronouns he, she, and they.

About Edward Albee's Zoo Story How does the play suggest that animalistic violence lies under a thin coverage of civilization in modern society?

â??The Zoo Storyâ?? by Edward Albee is about a bizarre meeting. One day, Peter is accosted by a man who continues asking him personal questions. Eventually he answers, then finds when it is the other manâ??s turn to share, he relates something thatâ??s not the type of thing a stranger would relate. The encounter grows stranger by the minute and finally a knife is drawn and tragedy happens. The story shows that through our lives, no matter how civilized we are, the animal nature of man is always near.