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oh i dk

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because his house wasent as nice lloking t was worn out an not like the other wealthy or at least semi wealthy kids hope this helped its true dont worry i read the book :)

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oh i dk

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Q: What are reasos Ponyboy decides to go back home instead of runaway the Outsiders?
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Outsiders - What caused pony boy to runaway?

Well ponyboy's older brother slapped him and no 1 else slapped pony so yaa haha he ran away.

What are the events that lead up to ponyboy deciding to runaway?

dealing with his oldest brother and then when johnny and ponyboy are in the park and accidently kill bob they decide to runaway

Where did dally drive the two runaway boys?

He took them to the Dairy Queen to get food, because Ponyboy and Johnny were starving from living in the abandoned church.

How did Darry act like a parent when pony boy came home late?

If you are asking about the time Darry reacted when Ponyboy came home after falling asleep in the empty lot. Then your answer is that Darry acted out of fear and anger. He shoved Ponyboy, thus making Ponyboy flee. If you are asking about the time he came home after the rumble and from the hospital. Then Darry acted out in concern because he saw from Ponyboy's expression that something bad had happened.

When and where did Mark Twain act of civil disobedience take place?

When Huck decides to help Jim be a runaway and get him to freedom. Even though Huck knows it's wrong he looks at Jim as an equal

Can a 17 year old move into a relatives house instead of living with their parents?

If they have their parents' permission to do so. Otherwise they are considered a runaway.

How does Winnie do to help Mae?

Winnie exchanges place with Mae so they can runaway. Instead, Winnie is now pretending to be Mae in the jailhouse.

What is the poem the runaway?

they wanted to runaway from the abuse

Oregon State Runaway laws?

child runaway

How do you use the word runaway in a sentence?

That Song Will Be A Runaway Hit.

What is plural form for runaway?

The plural form of runaway is runaways.

If you runaway and your mom files a runaway what can the police do?

Bring you home.