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If you mean the 1984 movie staring John Hurt, then basically everything. Radford did an amazing job at recreating the movie in accordance with the book. Some very important similarities are room 101, Winston's relationship with Julia, the book, O'Brian, Winston's fear of rats, and the poem.

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As Orwell had predicted, I think that technology has become an important part of society now. Technology advances are rapid and it's all over our lives now. Another thing which I think reflects our society now is the telescreen which appeared in the novel. Although it's abit different from the spy cams we have all over our town now, I think the idea fits. We have spy cams in alot of places now, watching our movements and actions in our lives.

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He wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four in response to the Leftists of his own country accepting Stalin's government as a form of socialism, when in practice, it was very different. This is also the origin of the novel's "Doublethink" concept - people were accepting two contradictory meanings to socialism.

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1984 was written as a novel, it seems to have become an instruction manual for many of today' governments.

A few of the parallels are that in both 1984 and today's world:

- there is continuous war against shadowy enemies

- citizens are under constant surveillance

- history is revised to promote the present status

- news is spun to the benefit of the leaders

- shortages and rationing are common

- citizens who don't conform are arrested

- military virtues are praised

- hating foreigners as "the enemy" is common

- news serves the state

- secret police are everywhere

- citizens give up liberty and privacy for security

- infrastructure is secondary to the war effort

- the leader is distant

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"big brother is watching you when...."

you go to a store-cameras

traffic lights-cameras

.....its actually really similar to the world today

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Invasion/restriction of privacy.

Frequent wars.

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Q: What are relating factors between today and George Orwells 1984?
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