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Cheese,Whine, and dresses.

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Q: What are some products and cultural features for which France is famous?
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What are famous human features in France?

The Eiffel Tower

Which region of France is famous for dairy products?


What famous features are there in France?

The Eiffel Tower the alps the Pyrenees

What is the name of Frances most famous museum?

France's most famous museum is the Louvre, which houses lots of artworks and cultural pieces. Its most famous is The Mona Lisa.

Describe the physical features of the Philippines?

Going to famous landmarks cultural festivals and much more.

What products are famous in France?

some native products is defiantly cheese and bread and wine and other things

What are some of the man made features of France?

One of the most Famous man made monuments in France is the Eiffel Tower.

Which region in France is famous for its butter?

Normandy is famous not only for butter, but also for all kind of dairy products.

What is the famous products from France?

Pate de fois gras Escargots Frogs legs

What are some of the features of the commune of Marquise in France?

Some of the features of the commune of Marquise in France include that it is a farming, quarrying and light industrial town. It has a famous hexagonal bell tower dating back to time of English rule.

What are some cultural features of Venezuela?

Venezuela has many cultural features along the year. You can find interesting cultural events like the ones held at the Teresa Carreno theater, that sometimes show clasical music concerts directed by our famous director Gustavo Dudamel. But if you are really interested in knowing more about our cultural life, you can email us at: , we will be glad to let you know what is going on.....

What are some NZ Famous cultural Features?

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