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Cheese,Whine, and dresses.

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Q: What are some products and cultural features for which France is famous?
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What is the name of Frances most famous museum?

France's most famous museum is the Louvre, which houses lots of artworks and cultural pieces. Its most famous is The Mona Lisa.

Which region of France is famous for dairy products?

Normandy is famous not only for butter, but also for all kind of dairy products.

What are Paris's famous products?

2 main products that France produces are cheese and wine.

What products are famous in France?

some native products is defiantly cheese and bread and wine and other things

What are some of the features of the commune of Marquise in France?

Some of the features of the commune of Marquise in France include that it is a farming, quarrying and light industrial town. It has a famous hexagonal bell tower dating back to time of English rule.

What are some NZ Famous cultural Features?

Well a hangi is a newzealand maori greeting it mean sharing breath or air whateva u like to call it!

What is Shanghai famous for?

Shanghai is famous for modem city and ancient culture. Shanghai is an amazing mix of the ancient and hi-tech western civilization. It is a multi-cultural metropolis with both modern and traditional Chinese features.

What person is famous in Picardie France?

who are some famous people from Picardie, France? who are some famous people from Picardie, France?

Name of a famous restauraunt in France?

Famous restauraunys in France are ratatullie and O'tte

Is the eiffl tower famous in France?

Yes the Eiffel tower is famous in France.

What is the Philippines famous for?

The Philippines is famous for its beautiful spots and cultural beliefs.

Are they any famous rivers in France?

Seine Riverloire loire is the famous river in France