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The advantage of the Black Economic Empowerment is the equality it will bring in life between races. The disadvantages, while it is still occurring, are the failure it has had, resulting in poor living conditions and decreased population.

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The advantages South Africa's mixed economy include the proper distribution of wealth and income. The disadvantages are lack of proper regulations since it is inclined more towards the free market side.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of black economic empowerment in South Africa?
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What roles does black economic empowerment play in tourism?

Its plays a role in South Africa

The advantages and disadvantages of industrial relations in Africa?

The advantages are that more products and trade can occur. Disadvantages are that cities grow and disparity between rich and poor occur.

What are advantages and disadvantages of affirmative action in South Africa?

The advantages of affirmative action in South Africa is that it has brought the citizens of South Africa at par with each other. The disadvantage is that it has led to xenophobic attacks.

Has Black Economic Empowerment empowered women South Africa?

Yes.. The point system allows greater positions. Company fully owned by a woman gains 100 points.

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No South Africa has been termed "The rainbow nation" for the great diversity that is present in the country. The ANC's policy of BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) provides that only black contractors may receive public work.

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Africa does not have an economic system of its own. Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country. It is composed of 53 nations.

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Who is the Minister of Economic Development for South Africa?

Ebrahim Patel is the Minister of Economic Development for South Africa.

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