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It depends which law you broke. The laws and the punishments for breaking them were available for all to see

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2011-12-06 17:22:35
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Q: What are the consequences for breaking the law of Hammurabi?
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What are the consequences to breaking an Italian gun law?

Jail, fines.

What are consequences for breaking the law?

It depends on how bad you broke the law. There is many consequences for breaking the law like: Jail, community service, probation. For example if you did something bad enough to go to jail like murder someone you may be sentenced to life.

How do the ten commandments differ from the code of Hammurabi?

The ten commandments were laws that specifically based on the don`ts whiles the in the Hammurabi code the law came with a punishment for breaking it

Results of nelson Mandela broken the law?

There are consequences for breaking the law no matter who you are. When Nelson Mandela broke the law he was sent to prison.

What are the consequences for a organisation breaking laws and codes?

what would happen if aorganistion breaks the law codes

What was king Hammurabi's famous law?

The Hammurabi code

What areas of babylonian life did the law of Hammurabi deal with?

What_areas_of_babylonian_life did the law of Hammurabi deal with

Is spam legal?

In a growing number of countries, no, spam is illegal and consequences can be severe if (and when) one is caught breaking the law.

Who developed the law code of Babylon?

Hammurabi "The Code of Hammurabi"

Significance of the code of Hammurabi?

Hammurabi's Code is important because it was one of the first forms of Law. Plain and Simple, It's important because it was a code that all had to obey lest they suffer the consequences detailed in the code. Johnny C.

How is Hammurabi's code different from Canadian laws?

Hammurabi's law is more strict than Canada's law.

What is the United States law system like compared to The Code of Hammurabi?

How do you compare the United States law to the Code of Hammurabi law?

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