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similarities and difference between nuclear power stations and coal-burning

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Q: What are the similarities between nuclear power stations and coal burning power stations?
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What is similar between a nuclear power station and a fossil fuel power station?

The similarities between nuclear power stations and fossil fuel power stations lie in the steam and condensate systems, the turbine-generator (although the nuclear version is optimized for the lower pressure steam that is used), and the electrical power controls.

Are biomass power stations just another word for nuclear power stations?

No, nothing to do with nuclear. Biomass means vegetable matter grown for burning, and comes under Renewable Energy as it can be regrown every season.

What are the similarities between nuclear and chemical rections?

Death and explosions

What are the similarities between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission?

In both of them energy is produced due mass change into energy.

What are the similarities between extended family and nuclear families?

The differences between a nuclear family and a extended family is... an extended family has cousin's and grandparents, and a nuclear family has a mother, a father, and their children. But the similarities are they are all family. Nina, age 10 (I like puppies!)

When was Sizewell nuclear power stations created?

Sizewell nuclear power stations was created in 1995.

What waste is produced from nuclear power stations?

nuclear waste

What is the source of power for turbines in electrical power stations?

Turbines are driven by steam so it is thermodynamic energy, but that can be created by burning fossil fuels or by nuclear fission

How many cities are having nuclear power stations in India?

India has 19 nuclear power stations all together.

Should South Africa be investing in Nuclear Power Stations?

Absolutely! Experience over the years proved Nuclear Power Stations to emit less radio active materials into our environment on a normal day than a Thermal, coal burning, station. As long as we can trust that these stations will be manned by the right competent personnel, it's a great sustainable idea for the future.

What is a real world example of nuclear energy?

Nuclear power stations.

Is Nuclear energy used in Ireland?

No, there are no nuclear power stations in Ireland.

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