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Electric bass, Electric Guitar, and electric piano :)

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Q: What are three electronic instruments used in jazz and rock?
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What was the musical style of the 1960s that combines jazz improvisation with amplified instruments and a rock beat called?


What kind of musci was back in the 1960s?

Rock 'n Roll, Country and Jazz

How did jazz get its roots in the 1920?

African people were making art to show their experiences. jazz developed in new orleans, louisiana. jazz was played in dance clubs all-around. jazz was popular with young people who could dance to it quickly.

Do canadians like jazz?

Yes, many contemporary Canadians do like Jazz, and although rock, country, and dance music are much more popular, jazz fans are loyal and passionate about the music. There has been a long tradition of jazz music in Canada, and although much of the original jazz came from the US, thanks to radio, Canadian fans were introduced to the American jazz artists performing on the air. There is also evidence that American jazz performers went up to Canada to entertain audiences, as early as the 1910s. Jazz never became as popular in Canada as it did in the US, but there were a few Canadian-born jazz bands performing in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. I enclose a link to an excellent article on the history of jazz in Canada.

What is the name of the band played by the Jonas brothers in camp rock is it rock trio or connect three or triple sound?

Connect Three

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What instruments are used in post rock?

Rock instruments played in a non-rock style. Or instruments from classical and electronic music. Or not. Is a very experimental music, it can be all or nothing.

What was the musical style of the 1960s that combines jazz improvisation with amplified instruments and a rock beat called?


Do the jazz rock?

Jazz does not rock because jazz has a different sound and rythm.

What instruments do rock and rock have?

Rock and roll can have a variety of instruments, many with an electronic guitar fronting to add the "edge" that forms rock and roll, and a hard beat. Electric guitar, drums, bass guitar are usually what you see, but you can add in piano, and even bagpipes if you want.

What musical genres are there?

The most common genres are classical, traditional, pop, blues, country, electronic, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, reggae, and rock. Those are just the most common. :)

What are six different kinds of music?

Rock Alternative Pop Electronic Punk Dance Hope this helps :) -and heavy metal opera classic rock jazz and country

What is better jazz or rock?


Who was the first jazz group to mix jazz and rock?

Miles Davis is generally considered the forerunner of fusion jazz, which combined jazz instrumentation with rock's electric instruments. His "electric era" began in 1968, and his first fusion album, "In a Silent Way," was released in 1969. A British group called Soft Machine also began developing fusion jazz around the same period. Their second album, "Volume II," features lengthy jazz improvisations played loudly on electric instruments. Live recordings of the group playing these pieces live before the release of their second album arguably makes them the first jazz fusion group.

What country is Kraftwerk from?

Kraftwerk is from Germany country. He plays various kinds of music and his speciality is Rock and Jazz. He is the expert in different musical instruments as well.

How did the fusion jazz movement change the jazz scene?

Fusion jazz introduced more electric instruments into jazz such as the synthesizer and electric keyboard used by Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. It also used a heavier sounding electric bass guitar. It modernized jazz and made it more relate-able to rock and disco which were popular at the time.

What type of musical groups use electronic instruments?

- punk - metal - electronica -

How is swing music similar to rock music?

Similarities: Well, they're both music (of course), and they both use a variety of instruments. Also, they are all popular. Differences: 1. Jazz music was developed from mixed cultures at the beginning of 20th century. Rock music was developed from blues, country and jazz in 1950's. 2. Trumpet is the main feature of jazz music while rock uses electric guitars. 3. Jazz music is lower in pitch while rock music is loud and mind blowing. Is that helpful?