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Pierre Trudeau published MANY works in his life including numerous essays, critiques, articles, and even some plays in his youth. The most well known books he wrote (or co-wrote) are as follows:

  • Two innocents in Red China. (Deux innocents en Chine rouge) [with Jacques Hébert] (1960)
  • Federalism and the French Canadians. [John T. Saywell intro.] (1968)
  • Approaches to politics. [Ramsay Cook intro., Jacques Hébert pref., and I. M. Owen trans] (1970)
  • Human rights, federalism and minorities. [with Allan Gotlieb] (1970)
  • The best of Trudeau. (1972)
  • Conversation with Canadians. [Ivan L. Head frwd.] (1972)
  • The asbestos strike. [James Boake trans.] (1974)
  • Underwater Man. [with Joe MacInnis] (1975)
  • Lifting the shadow of war. [David Crenna eds.] (1987)
  • Towards a just society: the Trudeau years. [Thomas S. Axworthy eds.] (1990)
  • Pierre Trudeau Speaks Out on Meech Lake. [Donald J. Johnston eds.] (1990)
  • Memoirs. (1993)
  • The Canadian Way: Shaping Canada's Foreign Policy 1968-1984. [with Ivan Head] (1995)
  • Against the Current: Selected Writings, 1939-1996.[Gerard Pelletier eds.] (1996)
  • The Essential Trudeau. [Ron Graham eds.] (1998)
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Q: What books did Pierre Elliot Trudeau write?
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