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UAV Corporation, more commonly known as UAV Entertainment

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Anastasia was a musical feature film released by Fox Animation Studios.

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Q: What company made the Anastasia film?
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What movie is princess Anastasia in?

Princess Anastasia appeared in the 1997 animated film of the same name "Anastasia".

What film company made the film The Matrix?

Warner Bros

Is the animated film Anastasia true?

No , the producers took liberties with the historical character of Anastasia the daughter of the last Tsar .

Who is the Anastasia in real life of Walt Disney?

Anastasia was not a Walt Disney film. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox

What are the ugly stepsisters names?

The names of Cinderella's stepsisters in the animated Disney film are Anastasia and Drusilla.

Who was the singing voice of Anastasia in the spanish version of the film?


What is the short for anastasia?

Stacy or Stasia are the most common. Anya, used in the film is NOT really a diminutive for Anastasia, but might be used in Russia.

How many movies has lucasarts made?

None. Lucasarts is the video game company not the film one the film company is lucasfilms.

What production company made the 1967 film the Torture Garden?

The production company that made the 1967 film "The Torture Garden" was Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures produced the film with the help of Amicus Productions.

What movie did yul brenner play a Russian?

The 1956 film Anastasia.

Who made the film Fantasia?

the Walt Disney company

What film company made Hachiko?

Scion Films.