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Brittany is part of France and located on its western part, on the Atlantic. It has no border with any foreign country.

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Q: What countries border Brittany France?
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What countries that border France speak french?

French speaking countries that border France are:AndorraBelgiumLuxembourgMonacoSwitzerland

Which major countries border France?

Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain are the major countries that border France

How long is the border between Brittany and the rest of France?

I would say about 350 kms.

What are the borders of France?

The countries that border France are:AndoraBelgiumGermanyItalyLuxembourgMonacoSpainSwitzerland

What countries border France and Switzerland?

Italy and Germany border both France and Switzerland.

Which two countries border France and Europe?

France is a country in Europe. Countries that border France include Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

What two countries border Andorra?

The two countries that border Andorra are Spain and France.

Which countries border both Germany and Switzerland?

The two countries that border both Switzerland and Germany are France and Austria.

What are three countries that border France?

Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland border France.

Where do Brittany Ferries sail too?

Brittany Ferries sail to two main countries which are France and Spain These are the main countries Brittany Ferries sail to how ever they sail to many areas within that country.

Which 6 countries border France?

Eight countries border France. - Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain and Andorra

Which are the countries they have a common border with France?

8 countries border France. - Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain and Andorra.

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