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Q: What cultures contributed to the new Hellenistic civilization?
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How did the polynesians contribute to new zealands cultural activities?

They contributed by coming and having festivals and dances eating and also singing that is how they contributed to new zelands cultural activities

How many different cultures live in new zealand?

New Zealand is a bi-cultural country, made up of two cultures: Māori, the culture of the indigenous people of New Zealand, and Pakeha, a multi-culture made up of all the cultures that have settled New Zealand since its discovery by Europeans.

What contributed to the emergence of the new youth movements in the early sixties?

the growth of suburbia

What ancient empire was found along the Nile River?

The fertile floodplain of the of the Nile was an ideal location for agriculture and civilization to develop. The first civilization along the Nile began around 5500 BCE when small tribes began using animal husbandry, developing pottery and agriculture. The cultures in the area would change with new groups moving in, bringing new technological advancements. Eventually in 3100 BCE, Egypt would unite into the Ancient Egypt that would produce the pyramids and many other advancements.

Who Have Russian migrants contributed to New Zealand?

Correction: WHAT have Russian migrants contributed to New Zealand?The answer is a lot - the same as other migrants to New Zealand.Do we have to list every migrant from Russia since 1910 and tell you what they have achieved?The problem is the question - it is a stupid question!!!! And an insult to anyone descended from Russian migrants who have come to New Zealand.

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Which cultures contributed to the new Hellenistic civilization?

Hellenistic civilisation was the result of Alexander the Great's conquest of the Persian Empire, which included Turkey, the Middle East, Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan west of the river Indus, Central Asia and Egypt. Hellenism refers to the spread of Greek influence in the conquered areas, rather than a blend of cultures.

What was the new culture created by Alexander's conquest in Persia and Egypt?

Hellenistic civilization

What cultures blended to form the new Hellenistic Culture?

The Hellenistic Culture was influenced by Greek (Hellenic) culture blended with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences.

How did trade contribute to cultural diversity in the city of Alexandria?

Trade contributed to culture diversity in the Hellenistic city of Alexandria as it became the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic civilization. The warehouses were full with wheat and other products from the Nile Valley. Alexandria's commerce enabled it to grow and prosper and it become an international community.

As Rome's power grew in the Mediterranean region how do you think it was affected by Hellenistic civilization?

during the hellenistic age, rome emerged as a powerful new state. after its conquest of asia minor in 133bc, it replace greece as the dominant power in the mediterranean world

Hellenistic society registered special advances in what?

The Hellenistic age was defined by the blending of multiple cultures. Trade routes opened from east to west as well. Society changed because of the new materials and goods available from other cultures.

How did the Hellenists spread Greek cultures?

Alexander the Great's generals, after his death, divided his new found empire up amongst themselves, establishing what we today call the Hellenistic kingdoms - Hellenistic because the ruling Macedonian and Greek classes adopted Greek culture. The fact that it was partial (the lower classes continued their traditional ways) we use Hellenistic (like Hellenic) rather than Hellenic.

What the Hellenistic era produced?

The Hellenistic Era was a rich new age in Ancient Greek.It was after Alexander the Great died.It was a blend of Persians,Egyptians,Indian,and Greek.These cultures mixed in this age,such as marriages between cultures.Dress,customs, and even religion was shared.Philosophers,mathamaticains,and scientist continued to advance in their work, too.

How did Alexander the Great contribute on Rome concerning culture?

Alexander the Great contributed to Roman culture indirectly. His conquest of the Persian Empire (including Egypt) led to the formation of Hellenistic culture and the Hellenistic states. A series of wars between his generals followed his death. This led to the creation of Hellenistic states in the territories he conquered: the kingdom of Pergamon in Western Turkey, the Seleucid Empire in most of the Asian territories and the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt. There was also the spread of Hellenistic culture, which was the result of an interaction between Greek culture and the cultures of the conquered peoples. There was also the emergence of Hellenistic sculpture, a new development in Greek sculpture. When the Romans expanded into the western Mediterranean they were influenced by Hellenistic culture. They were also influenced by the two main schools of philosophy of the Hellenistic period: Stoicism and Epicureanism. With contact with Egypt during the civil wars, the Romans were also influenced by the Hellenistic states which had a personality cult of their kings, who were also deified. Julius Caesar pursued a personality cult, which was new in Rome. After is death he was deified, which was also new in Rome. Augustus created the period of rule by emperors which followed the fall of the Roman Republic. He created a personality cult around the figure of the emperor and used Hellenistic sculpture to legitimate and glorify his rule, a practice which was continued by the other emperors. Deifying emperors became a frequent practice.

What were the results of his explorations?

His explorations led to the discovery of new lands, the establishment of trade routes, and the encounter with new cultures. Additionally, his expeditions contributed to the expansion of knowledge about geography and the world.

What are some New York Cultures?

cultures of New York State cultures of new york state

When was New Civilization Church created?

New Civilization Church was created in 1905.