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'Carrie Nation' episode #113.

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Q: What did Oliver Douglas nickname Lisa Douglas on the TV show green acres?
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Related questions

Who did Eddie Albert star as in Green Acres?

Oliver Wendell Douglas .

What is the names of the husband and wife on green acres tv show?

oliver windel Douglas and Lisa Douglas

What is the address of the house on Green Acres?

Oliver and Lisa Douglas live somewhere in Hooterville.

Who lives at Hooterville in the show 'Green Acres'?

Eddie albert and Eva gabor Their characters were Oliver Wendel Douglas and Lisa Douglas.

Who is the main character on green acres?

The lead role in the TV series "Green Acres" was that of Mr Douglas . The role of Oliver Wendell Douglas was played by Eddie Albert (April 22, 1906 - May 26, 2005) .

What is Oliver and lisa's last name from green acres?

Eddie Albert's character was named Oliver Wendell Douglas, perhaps a nod to the famous jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes.

How many acres were on the Green Acres sitcom that Oliver had to farm?

When Oliver originally purchased 'The Haney Place' the farm had 160 acres .

What was the role of oliver in green acres?

Manhatten lawyer

What are the release dates for Green Acres - 1965 Oliver's Double - 6.10?

Green Acres - 1965 Oliver's Double - 6.10 was released on: USA: 1 December 1970

What do Eddie albert pat buttram and Eva gabor have in common?

They all starred in the sitcom "Green Acres". Albert played Oliver Wendell Douglas, Gabor played Lisa Douglas, and Buttram was Mr. Haney.

What was the first name of Mr Douglas in Green Acres?

The farm-hand's name was Eb Dawson , played by Tom Lester . ~ Look to the related link below for his website .

Where did mr Douglas meet mrs Douglas on green acres?

In Hungary during WW2 .