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he raided spanish ships

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Q: What did francis drake do to anger the king?
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Why did francis drake sing king of Spain's beard?

because he is awesome

When did Francis William Drake die?

Francis William Drake died in 1788.

Was Sr Francis Drake successful in his Journeys?

Yes Francis Drake was very successful in his journey.

How did Sir Francis Drake earn his name?

His parents gave Francis Drake his name; he earned his knighthood.

Sir Francis Drake was associated with what historical event?

Sir Francis Drake was associated with the crushing of the mighty Spanish Armada.

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Is Sir Francis Drake a king?

a king and not a pirate

Who was on the throne when Sir Francis Drake was born?

Henry VIII was king of England at the estimated time of Francis Drake's birth.

Why did francis drake sing king of Spain's beard?

because he is awesome

Who'singed the king of spain's beard' in Tudor times?

Sir Francis Drake.

Who did sir francis drake fight with against the spanish armada?

the king of Spain

What Francis Drake's nationality?

Sir Francis Drake was an Englishman.

How many sibling did sir francis drake have?

Francis Drake had 11 siblings.

Who was more famous John Hawkins or Francis drake?

they were cousins

What was Sir Francis Drake's Full Name?

Sir Francis Reddy Karamchand Or do you mean Sir Francis Drake?

What francis drake did as an explorer?

Francis drake provided money to his voyages

Who was francis drake?

Sir Francis Drake was one of the English explorers

Where did francis drake explore?

Francis Drake has explored Circumnavigates the World