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they lived in hapluja, northern massaschusetts

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as farmers

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Q: What did most Americans in the early 1800 produce everything they needed themselves?
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Why did Americans in the early 1800s produce everything they needed themselvs?

It was too difficult to travel to get goods somewhere else

Why was everything that the people needed all made on the manor?

because the manor was a farming community that had everything needed to produce what was necessary for its residents

Why did the mesopotamines need to trade with other cultures?

No one can produce everything for themselves.. They might of needed grain or timber, etc. And they could get rid of things they have to much of.. It's been too long

Why is chloroplast an important part of a plant?

Plants produce food themselves. Chloroplasts are needed for that

What did the puritans work for?

Themselves mainly, they grew everything they needed and farmed their own stock.

Did the Native Americans only use what they needed?

No they would use everything even if they didn't needed something. It was part of their belief that everything wasn't owned by man, it was meant to be shared by EVERYONE.

Which black leader argued that African Americans needed to accommodate themselves to segregation?

Booker T. Washington

Who felt that africans as well as African Americans needed to help themselves for economic improvement?

Booker T. Washington

When was trade invented?

trade was invented in prehistoric times as people needed a way to get things they couldn't produce themselves

Why did a manor have to produce nearly everything its residents needed?

Peasants protected by the lords had to provide various services , most importantly farming the lord's land and making various payments of goods. Welfare and Bandits made trade difficult so the manor had to produce nearly everything it needed

Why did colonists need artisians?

Because they couldn't make everything themselves. They needed people with specific skills to do things that they each individually couldn't.

Who called for African Americans to pull themselves up by their own bootstrap?

The quote was said by Booker T. Washington. The actual quote stated that African-Americans needed to, "pull themselves up from their own bootstraps." The quote was spoken in response to a disagreement Washington was having about whether achieving equality was the burden of African-Americans or the government.