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Q: What do Farquhar and his wife learn from the visitor?
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Describe Peyton Farquhar's last thoughts?

His last thoughts were of his wife and children.

Where to find pictures of William Farquhar?

On these link you can find William Farquhar photographs:

Who are the characters in owl creek bridge?

-Peyton Farquhar (main character) -Farquhar's wife -gray-clad soldier (federal spy disguised as a confederate soldier) -company of soldiers

What are the reasons for an Eskimo to lend his wife to a visitor?

Because of the cold weather, they wanted the visitor to sleep warm

What is the birth name of Simon Farquhar?

Simon Farquhar's birth name is Simon Alexander Farquhar.

What is the birth name of Chris Farquhar?

Chris Farquhar's birth name is Christopher Stephen John Farquhar.

What does Peyton farquhar volunteer to do?

What does Peyton Farquhar volunteer to do?

When was William Farquhar born?

William Farquhar was born in 1770.

When was Stan Farquhar born?

Stan Farquhar was born in 1916.

When did Thomas Farquhar die?

Thomas Farquhar died in 1962.

When was Thomas Farquhar born?

Thomas Farquhar was born in 1875.

When was Meg Farquhar born?

Meg Farquhar was born in 1910.