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you go back to the tree after a few houres and press a

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Q: What do you do after slathering bark with honey?
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What is a sentence using slathering?

They are slathering honey on bread.

Where can you find an amphidom in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't, you have to evolve aipom which you can find by slathering a honey tree. (I found an aipom by slathering a honey in a honey tree in floarma town).

In Pokemon pearl Sinnoh pokedex where and what is number 45?

BurmyYou get Burmy by slathering the bark of a sweet smelling tree with honey. You also can get Aipom, Cheribu, Heracross and others.

How do you get wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get a Wormadam unless u evolve a "FEMALE" Burmy P.S. You can only get burmy's by slathering the bark with honey(NOTE: the Yellow Tree)

Do male combees evolve?

A male combee does not evolve because vespiquen is like a queen, so technically boys can't be queens. If you want a vespiquen try slathering honey on the bark of some trees.

How do you get an ambipom in Pokemon pearl?

By slathering honey on trees, although its rare

Where do you catch burmy in diamond?

you can catch burmy from slathering honey on a tree.

Where do you get munchlax in platinum?

you have a 1% chance of getting it by slathering honey on a sweet smelling tree

Where can you find munchlax?

You get it by slathering the trees with honey. There are trees almost every where in Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum.

How do you get heracross on Pokemon pearl?

you have about 46% of finding a heracross by slathering honey on a tree at route 218

Were do you find the evolution of bermy in Pokemon diamond?

you cant you have to get a burmy by slathering a tree with honey and then evolve it

How do you get Pokemon munchlax diamond if you can not find him easy?

Slathering Honey on Honey trees. Munchlax has a 1% chance of appearing, or you can breed a Snorlax with a full incese.