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go back and appologize them because they are your parents.

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Q: What do you do if your parents kick you out of your home and you can't support yourself?
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How old do you have to be to move out in Minnesota?

you can move out of your Parents home at the age of 18 but I suggest that you have a job to support yourself.

Can you leave your parents house at the age of 16?

No ... Because You Need Support . If You Support Yourself Financially , & Have A Good Job . You Can Get Emancipated .... Only If You Have Problems At Home

Can you leave home when your 16?

if you dont run away without your parents consent then no but if you have a job and could support yourself and can drive then you could.

Im 18 years old can you leave home without parents permission i live in Texas?

Yes, but better be ready to support yourself.

Can you move out of your parents home in California at age 17 and collect child support from your parents?


If you are seventeen and have serious problems with your parents and have previously stated with a lady that you called Nana can you leave home?

not unless you can support yourself and are equpped with necessary life lesson that get you started.

Who pays child support if a child is living at a group home?

Both parents are liable for support.

How do you do gymnastics from home?

you cant really teach yourself at home cause you'll hurt yourself! i would go to a leisure centre or something like me!

Can a 17 year old leave her parents home in Illinois and move in with her girlfriend without getting the police involved?

I believe you have to become an emancipated minor. You have to have a means to support yourself and prove to the court you can take care of yourself.

Can you move out at 16 if you have means to support yourself and are still attending school?

only if your parents/gaurdians consent. Depending on the state you maybe able to emancipate yourself. But if home life isn't bad why not stay there and save your money for when your older.

Can the mother receive child support if parents own a home together and live together in mass?

yes Child support is awarded when one or both parents are absent. If the child's parents are living together with the child (in their own home or other living arrangement), no child support is due.

How can you be home schooled?

Your parents must arrange home schooling. You can do some research yourself on the requirements and the resources for home schooling in order to encourage your parents that it is a suitable idea for you.

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