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Q: What does a threshold stimulus cause?
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What is the absolute threshold?

An absolute threshold was seen as a hypothetical barrier that incoming stimuli must overcome before they can be perceived, it was based on the ability to pass through the threshold based on absolute judgements about a single stimulus. In the case where a person were to, for example- detect a light, the strength of said light would have to be strong enough to pass the threshold for an observer to perceive it, it was generally based on the observer's ability to detect a signal.In reality however, there is no such threshold that splits the stimulus dimension into detectable and undetectable components. Rather, a stimulus must yield a sensation that exceeds the decision criterion (beta) for even the weakest signal to be perceived, so a decision threshold is the stimulus that elicits the response or perception. The detectability and reporting of the presence of a signal- or the light- are both factors because the decision threshold must be passed and the results from the strength of the stimulus, for example the light- as well the evidence of yielding such strength, must be plausible. Only in this case, do we have correct detection of a signal.

When was The Lurker at the Threshold created?

The Lurker at the Threshold was created in 1945.

What are the release dates for Threshold - 2012 I?

Threshold - 2012 I was released on: USA: 2012

When did Threshold - TV series - end?

Threshold - TV series - ended on 2006-02-01.

What are the release dates for Threshold The Blue Angels Experience - 1975?

Threshold The Blue Angels Experience - 1975 was released on: USA: September 1975

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The minimum stimulus needed to cause a contraction is called the?

threshold stimulus

How does the threshold stimulus influence muscle contraction?

The threshold stimulus is the stimulus required to create an action potential. So any stimulus under this level will not cause muscle contraction, while a stimulus above this level will cause the muscle to contract. The higher the stimulus the more muscle fibers are recruited, and thus the higher the response.

What is the minimal level of stimulus to cause a muscle contraction?

it is known as the threshold stimulus usually seen in tonic contraction

What can increase a strong stimulus?

threshold stimulus

Stimulus at which the muscle first contracts perceptibly?

Threshold stimulus

What stimulus below this intensity will result in no response in a neuron?

Threshold stimulus

Strong stimuli cause the amplitude of action potentials generated to increase?

Yes. ....Up to a point. There is a threshold the stimulus must surpass before creating a CAP (compound action potential). Anything below this threshold is called subthreshold. Once the stimulus is strong enough cause a CAP it is a stimulus threshold. At this point the CAP will continue to increase as the intensity of the stimulus increases (now termed suprathreshold) until a maximal stimulus causes a maximum response. Any stimulus stronger than the maximal stimulus is called a supramaximal and does not result in any larger a CAP than the maximum response caused by the maximal stimulus. source:

What is meant by coding of stimulus intensity?


Minimum level of stimulation required to trigger a neural impulse?

An action potential needs to occur to trigger the neurons but the action potential depends on whether a stimulus is able to bring the membrane potential to a certain level termed the THRESHOLD. This threshold is about -55 mV for most neurons, but the stimulus needs to bring the membrane potential to this certain level or it will not be triggered. Relating to the ALL-OR-NONE PRINCIPLE, which if the threshold is not acquired then an action potential will not occur but once a stimulus is strong enough to depolarize (making the inside of the cell less negative going from -70 mV to -55 mV) it will trigger. The resting potential is -70 mV which the stimulus needs to bring it up to -55mV.

A muscle fiber will not respond to a stimulus until that stimulus reaches what?

it will not respond until it reaches the threshold level