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Q: What does delicate mean on a washer?
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Which washer is best for delicates?

The brand of washer does not make a difference, but you need to use the delicate cycle, which every washer has.

What does as delicate as a flower mean?

It means the subject you are talking about is very delicate. Flowers are very delicate.

How do you wash a wedding dress home?

To wash a wedding dress at home, use a washer with a delicate cycle and do not "line" hang.

How do you wash dark jeans to prevent fading?

Wash with other dark jeans, turn them inside out in the washer and dry on delicate

What does the name Maren mean?


What does the name Narmine mean?

delicate flower

Does washing a charm damage it or the washer?

I would never put a charm in the washer it will damage the washer and the charm. Just wipe your charms off with lukewarm water and mild soap. Many jewelry shops do have non abrasive jewelry cleaners you can use. Jewelry is so delicate treat it with care.

What does it mean when the cold water runs continuously in washer?

When cold water is always running through your wash it can mean two things. It could mean your washer is broke or you have the washer settings is on cold not hot.

Which dryers can handle delicate items without ruining them over time?

the GE Spacemaker Unitized Washer and Gas Dryer, WSM2780HWW is good with delicates.

What does the young lady was as delicate as a steam engine mean?

It is a sarcastic comment ("sarcasm"). It means the very opposite of delicate, because steam rollers are not generally regarded as delicate.

What does it mean when a guy calls you a delicate flower?

It means, he will treat you as delicate as a flower needs to be treated. He will try his best to treat you with gentleness. In short, you mean alot to him.

What are the Esperanto words for washer and cleaner?

Washer is lavmaŝino if you mean a machine and lavisto if you mean a person. Cleaner is purigilo if you mean a cleaning solution and purigisto if you mean a person.