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When a wife has become a widow, it means that her husband has passed away and she has not remarried. A more technical definition would be: a women who has out-lived a man to whom she was married at the time of his death; esp. such a woman who has not remarried.

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Q: What does it mean when a wife has become a widow?
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What has to happen in order for a woman to become a widow?

In order for a woman to become a widow, her husband has to die. The period of being a widow is called widowhood. When a man loses his wife, he becomes a widower.

What is antonym of widow?

The antonym for the noun widow is wife or spouse. A widow is a widow as long as she remains unmarried; if she marries again, she is a wife and a spouse.

Antonym of widow?

The antonym for the noun widow is wife.

What do you call a wife whose husband is dead?

A widow

Is it ok to introduce a surviving wife as a widow?

Yes, it's the only way. Widow is for life!!!!! I believe if a (widow), is offended by her status, and voices it- SHE WAS NOT BY OATH-A WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! IN HONOR-IN MEMORY-FOREVER "THE WIFE" "FOREVER FOR LIFE"

Can a divorcee become a widow or will she always be a divorcee?

So far as I know, she can't become the widow of the man she divorced. She can, however, become the widow of a different man.

What is the title given to the wife of an Earl?

The wife or widow of an Earl is called a Countess, as is the wife or widow of a Count. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 7th Edition.

What do you call a man whose wife died?

You call a man whose wife has died a WIDOWER.

What is the opposite of widow?

A wife could be the opposite of a widow- woman whose husband is dead. A widower could also be the opposite of widow- a widower is a man whose wife is dead.

What is opposite of widow?

The opposite gender of widow is widower (man whose wife has died).

What is a wife that husband has passed away?

a widow

What is the wife of a deceased male called?

A widow.

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