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Q: What does ponyboy begin to realize about the socs that are in the blue Mustang?
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Why is Ponyboy hate the socs in the mustang?

Ponyboy doen't like the people in the blue mustang because the were the same people that beat up Johnny (I think) and made him cry (which he never does) So it would only be natural for Ponyboy to feel anger when he sees the blue mustang. It also depends on when he hated the people in the blue mustang. The first example that I gave was when he and Johnny ran away. There was also the other time when the people in the blue mustang, Cherry was one of them. I hope this helped, 1st question answered :)

Where were Ponyboy and two-bit going when they saw the blue mustang?

To go to a grocery store or go for a walk but they meet up with Randy

What type of car is a blue jeans?

mustang mustang

What does ponyboy try?

Ponyboy goes to the Lot to find Johnny and they go to the park. While they are at the park a blue mustang pulls up with five Socs, including Randy and Bob and they get in a fight with Johnny and Pony. Bob trys to drown Ponyboy in the fountain so Johnny stabs and kills Bob.

Who owns the blue mustang in the outsiders?

It symbolizes of what happened to Jonny. He was beaten by a Soc gang in a blue mustang

Who had the blue mustang in the outsiders book?

The blue mustang in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton belongs to Randy, Marcia boyfriend in the story.

Was it a mustang that the socs drived up in when they jumped johnny?

It was a blue mustang i think.

What is the music video where a brunette is getting in a blue mustang?

Brown-eyed [brunette getting in a mustang] girl.

What car does bob drive in outsiders?

He drives something blue

What major event happened in chapter 6 of the outsiders?

After leaving the movie with Johnny and falling asleep in the lot, Ponyboy rushes home. There Pony explains to his eldest brother, Darry, about how he fell asleep in the lot with Johnny. Darry tells Ponyboy how worried him and Soda were and how he couldn't even call the cops or Soda and Pony would be put in a boy's home 'so fast it'd make your head spin.' Darry loses his cool when Pony sticks up for Soda then slaps Pony. Ponyboy runs straight to Johnny and tells him that they're running away. Johnny says nothing and follows until both are out of breath and quit running. Pony is crying by now and Johnny is trying to calm him down. Johnny and Ponyboy go to the park where a group of Socs in a blue Mustang pull up. Johnny, haunted by the memory of blue Mustangs and rings, becomes scared. Ponyboy says to play it cool. They find out its Bob and Randy, Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends with a few friends. All are drunk and begin to fight the two after Ponyboy, in his defence, spits on the Socs. The Socs attempt to drown Ponyboy in the water fountain and Johnny stabs Bob out of self defence and saving Ponyboy from drowning.

What is the best color for a mustang?

silver with blue racing stripes

Is the word mustang written on a mustang horse?

I'm not sure what u mean but if you are refering to a mustang badge or typical logos.. then not.. the most common mustang badge has 3 vertical red white and blue stripe behind the mustang If you are meaning on the horse Mustang, then I can tell you that that is definitely a no.