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The Indy 500 track looks like an oval.

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Q: What does the Indy 500 track look like?
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How Many Laps Make Up The Indy 500?

The Indy 500 - or the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race consists of 200 laps. The circuit consists of an asphalt track with four turns.

How many miles in one lap around the Indy 500 track?

An Indy Car is 192 inches long.

What is the Indy 500 Festival Breakfast at the Brickyard?

The Indy 500 Breakfast at the Brickyard is an Indianapolis tradition that celebrates the success of the Indy 500. It takes place at the track the morning of Pole Day. Distinguished guests are mayors from around the state. The 33 500 Festival Princesses also attend the event. The Indianapolis 500 Queen is crowned at this event. In 2012, special guests are Indy 500 legends Parnelli Jones and Tom Sneva. For more Indy 500 events, visit the Related Question.

What is Indy 500's city?

Indianapolis hosts the Indy 500, which is on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

How many Indy 500's have been run?

2008 will the the 92nd running of the Indy 500

Look for the VIN number of the 1988 GMC Indy 500 official truck?

Unfortunately, there is nothing specific about the VIN or even an RPO number that differentiates the Indy trucks from non-Indy trucks. But they did only come in two colours, red for the track trucks and black over silver for the festival trucks. I know of no existing 1988 Official trucks left anymore.

What year did Troy Ruttman win the Indy 500?

In 1952, Troy Ruttman won the Indy 500 :)

Where is is the Indy 500 is raced?

The Indy 500 is ran in Speedway, Indiana an area close to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who brings in more fans the Daytona 500 or the Indy 500?

It's tough to say because the Daytona 500 is the Nascar Super Bowl and more fans like Nascar than Indycar, but the Indy 500 racetrack has more seats than in Daytona. So I think more people go to the Indy 500 just because the track has more seats and the Indy 500 is the most important race in motor sports.

What is Indianapolis IN called because of the Indy 500?

"Indy" or "Circle City,"

Which state home to the Indy 500 auto races?

Indiana is home to the indy 500 races in speedway indiana

Does the bezel move on the tag heuer Indy 500 watch?

no- it is a fixed bezel on all indy 500's